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Newlyn Harbour

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Newlyn Fish Company began in 1983 as a husband and wife partnership.

Newlyn is the premier port in England and is situated in Cornwall, a Celtic county right at the 'foot' of the United Kingdom.

The port of Newlyn has a mixed fleet of fishing boats that includes beam trawlers, netters and a large selection of smaller boats.

We have two buyers who attend the two auctions that occur most mornings between 7 and 7.30 am, weather permitting.

We can deliver overnight to all parts of the U.K. and we can have fish delivered into most parts of Europe within 48 hrs, packed and filleted to the specification of each customer whether they are a wholesaler, fishmonger, restaurant or individual.

We have two mobile fishmongers serving door to door from Land's End to the Lizard, they also supply pubs, restaurants and nursing homes.

So what's for dinner tonight? Give us a call, fish is great for you YOU KNOWS IT!